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What is an Interactive Movie ?
There are many opinions on what interactive movies are and what not.
It's a motion picture that is interactive, but in most cases it's a video game with loads of filmed footage.
An "Interactive Movie" uses full-motion video to tell the story, it can be combined with images and photo's ofcourse, but the base should be video/film footage.
An interactive story develops differently depending on the interaction of the audience, meaning that the viewer has to make choices in the storyline and that way the viewer chooses which videoclip will be shown.
Wrong choices will lead to a bad ending of the story, while correct choices will have the story continue until it is eventually completed.
Most of the time interactive movies are video games (mostly adventure games) and were published in the 90's.
But there are a few real interactive motion pictures, and with DVD players in many homes we can only hope that more titles will follow.

12 January 2009
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