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- Over 110 minutes of interactive movie action at four camera locations, so you never play the same game twice.

- Includes incredible special effects and a large cast whose lead characters interact directly with player throughout the game.

- Directed by Dwight H. Little, known for the hit movies Marked for Death, Halloween 4 and Rapid Fire.

The chopper kicks up dust as it sets down.
Through the haze of dirt and grit you make out El Cadron, a shabby, little Texas border town.
It looks quiet enough.
But folks have been disappearing.
And as a tactical expert, you soon discover it's crawling with aliens disguised as humans.
Welcome to Ground Zero Texas.
Armed with four BattleCams outfitted with a particle beam that stuns the aliens (you can't kill them with traditional guns) and a RoverCam used to search out the Reticulan weapon stash, you're into a sci-fi, wild west gun fest.
Once the aliens know you've discovered their arsenal, it's all-out war and they come at you like robot stormtroopers.
Lucky for you, everytime you score a direct hit, their green goopy guts go flying!
Ground Zero Texas

December 1995
Digital Pictures
Sony Imagesoft
Sega of America
Sega CD
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