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Revolutionary hologram technology made Hologram Time Traveler an instant hit in the arcades in 1991 and now Digital Leisure has brought the 3D experience to your home computer or DVD movie player for the first time ever.
You control Marshall Gram as he journeys through time to save Princess Kyi-La on your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM computer, or DVD movie player using the remote control.

Selling over $18,000,000.00 in its arcade debut, Hologram Time Traveler remains the first and only coin-operated arcade game to deliver a real 3D hologram experience.
To maintain this hologram feel, Digital Leisure is including free 3D glasses with its CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and DVD-Video versions.
A 2D version is included on the same disc that may be played without the 3D glasses.

Created by Rick Dyer, the co-creator of Dragon's Lair and Space Ace, Hologram Time Traveler features a cast of Hollywood actors and digitally mastered special effects.
And with such a wide range of scenes included, Hologram Time Traveler will never be the same game twice.

Beautiful Kyi-La, Princess of the Galactic Federation, is kidnapped by the evil renegade scientist Vulcor.
You control the daring Marshall Gram and travel through the ages of time to rescue the Princess.
Adventure through time as you confront space knights, ninja warriors, cavemen, futuristic robots, cowboys and countless other adversaries.
Travel from prehistoric caves to 26th century space ships as you battle to save Kyi-La and prevent Vulcor from tearing the fabric of time!

“It's a piece of arcade history that we've had the privilege to adapt to the latest CD and DVD technology.” comments David Foster, General Manager of Digital Leisure Inc. “The 3D glasses give it the feel of the original game that turned heads when it was released in the arcades.
Time Traveler has an interesting Easter Egg where you can see both Rick Dyer and his son dancing around.
To access this, you must press and hold down both player 1 and player 2 buttons while pulling down on the joystick.
If you press both player 1 and player 2 buttons while pushing up on the joystick, you will see the game's designers.
Time Traveler

1991 Laser Disc
2000 DVD-Video / PC
2001 Playstation 2 / Xbox
Digital Leisure Inc.
Sega of America Inc. (Laser Disc)
Digital Leisure Inc. (DVD versions)
Laser Disc
PC - Windows 95/98
Playstation 2
CD-ROM / DVD-ROM / DVD-Video / Laser Disc
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